Israel Undeclared War on Gaza

by Stephen Lendman

It’s been ongoing since Hamas was democratically elected Palestine’s legitimate government in January 2006 – followed by blockade in mid-2007, an act of war under international law.

The PA is an Israeli creation, a puppet government exclusively serving its interests, led by its illegitimate president Mahmoud Abbas, a longstanding Judas, betraying his people for special benefits he’s afforded.

Slow-motion genocide is official Israeli policy – intending maximum Jews and minimum Arabs. Vicious persecution, collective punishment, extrajudicial killings, isolating Palestinians from Jews, besieging Gaza, and intermittent wars on its defenseless people further its objective. 

For days, Israel has been bombing and shelling Gaza on the fabricated pretext of responding to Hamas rockets – the same phony reason used to launch summer 2014 naked aggression. They’re used for self-defense after repeated Israeli attacks or other illegal provocations too grave to ignore.

On Sunday morning, Israeli forces used live fire on defenseless Palestinian farmers, preventing their from working their fields.

Large parts of Gaza remain in ruins from Israel’s devastating summer 2014 war. Does it intend more widespread carnage now? Is it creating a phony pretext for mass murder and destruction again?

During a Security Council session on protecting Palestinian civilians, Venezuela’s UN envoy Rafael Ramirez asked “(w)hat does Israel plan to do with the Palestinians?”

“Will they disappear? Does Israel seek…a final solution,” the way Nazis exterminated Jews? Criticizing Ramirez’s remarks can’t erase the horrors inflicted on Palestinians since Israel’s genocidal war of independence.

An entire population is held hostage to its viciousness. Palestinian lives and welfare don’t matter – nor does international law protecting their rights.

Israel bombed and shelled Gaza for four consecutive days – unjustifiably claiming the right to target Hamas’ “terrorist infrastructure” and hold it accountable for attacks not launched.

Lawless Israeli bombing and shelling began Wednesday night, continuing into Saturday, terrorizing the entire population. Deputy Hamas political head Ismail Haniyeh addressed an assembled group in central Gaza’s Abu Salim mosque, saying:

“We do not call for a new war, but we will not allow these incursions or for new realities to be imposed on our people in Gaza. We call for lifting the siege. Enough of this historical injustice suffered by 2 million of our people.”

Israeli incursions and abuses occur on a regular basis along, within, and beyond its imposed “buffer zone” – including bulldozing Palestinian land, property and possessions, shooting children for target practice and attacking defenseless fishermen at sea.

Haniyeh called these acts grave violations of agreed on 2014 ceasefire terms. Israel breached them straightaway.

Negotiating with its Arab-hating fascist regime is futile. Deals it strikes aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone minced no words, calling Israel’s creation “a great catastrophe.” Its existence threatens Jews and non-Jews alike – a flashpoint for regional and potential global war.

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