Netanyahu at the United Nations: Political Distortedness and Hypocrisy at its Best

by Ludwig Watzal

On behalf of the people of Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered one his usual political distorted sermons to the UN General Assembly. „The people of Israel pray for peace“, said Netanyahu to an almost empty auditorium. Just after the „most moral army in the world“ (Ehud Barak) slaughtered 2140 Palestinians, 80 per cent civilians, ravaged the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, made several hundred of thousands people homeless, and on top of it, the Israeli government wants to investigate its own war crimes! This is Chutzpah Israeli style.

The Islamists wants to dominate the world. This cancer have to be removed, said the Prime Minister. „ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous creed.“ Hamas shares its global ambitions of his fellow Islamists. When it comes to their ultimate goals „Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas.“ All the different Islamists groups share the same fanatical ideology, so Netanyahu.

Why has Netanyahu lost no word on the creation of ISIS by the CIA, the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey? Why didn’t he mention Israel’s role in the creation of Hamas as a counterpart to the PLO? To eradicate ISIS, al-Nusra Front and their ilk the US and its client state in the Middle East must first topple the radical Islamist regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the Arab Emirates. Netanyahu should have spoken about the real threat to the West, which these regimes pose. All around the world, the Saudis and Qataris finance all fundamentalist groups. The Saudis adhere to the same ideology like ISIS, al-Nusra Front and Al-Qaida.

The identification of Hamas with ISIS was only the prelude to the final political crescendo of Netanyahu’s speech: the demonization of Iran. The mullahs in Iran and their virtual nuclear arsenal have been his political fad for over 20 year. They do not represent a threat to world peace, in contrast to Israel that is equipped up to its ears with nuclear and biological weapons. Iran has none.

The US wants to clear things up with Iran, which Netanyahu and the fundamentalist regime in Saudi Arabia try to discourage. In the long run, the geopolitical role of Iran is a thousand times more valuable than Israel and Saudi Arabia taken together. The US can no longer afford to be always identified with Islamic fundamentalist regimes and Zionist colonizers. None of them shares the values the US adheres to. Both states are a large liability for the geopolitical interests of the United States in the region and towards the Islamic world as a whole. Why not let these radical regimes go down the drain?

In contrast to Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deliver a very courageous speech at the UN General Assembly that „offended“ not only the Israeli government but also its protector, the US. Abbas made it clear that further negotiations are meaningless and that he will apply for membership in other UN organizations like the International Criminal Court. This is overdue in order to charge Israeli politicians of committing war crimes during the two last attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The world will watch whether Abbas has the courage to turn rhetoric into action.

First published herehere and here.

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