Zionism is Anathema for Judaism

Open letter to British Conservative Party leader David Cameron by Alan Hart, 2 August 2007.

by Alan Hart

Dear Mr. Cameron,

After reading the published text of your answers to questions put to you by Danny Finkelstein at the annual business lunch of the Conservative Friends of Israel, the following question occurred to me:

Would you still declare yourself to be a “Zionist” if you knew what Zionism actually was and is?

I’ll be suggesting, not asserting, that if your answer is “yes”,

it would amount to an endorsement by you of Zionism’s crimes, as well as putting you at odds with the moral values and ethical principles of Judaism.

But let’s start with what you actually said. “If (my emphasis added) what you mean by Zionist is someone who believes that the Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel and a right to their country, then yes I am a Zionist, and I’m proud of the fact that Conservative politicians down the ages have played a huge role in helping to bring this about.”

The first thing you need to know if you are to be anything other than a Zionist propagandist (like Tony Blair was and I fear Prime Minister Brown might be)is the difference between Judaism and Zionism and why they are total opposites.

  • JUDAISM is the religion of Jews (not “the” Jews because not all Jews are religious)and, like Christianity and Islam, it has at its core a set of ethical principles and moral values.
  • ZIONISM, which proclaimed its existence some four decades before the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, is a secular, colonialist ideology, which made a mockery of and has contempt for, the moral values and ethical principles of Judaism.
    How so? Short answer in two related parts.

The first is that the return of Jews to the land of biblical Israel by the efforts of man? one possible but woefully inadequate definition of Zionism – was PROSCRIBED by Judaism. (Not many of today’s Jews seem to be aware of this but it is a fact).
Put another way, Zionism was, is a rebellion against Judaism.

The second is that Israel was created, mainly, by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing. And this crime, which dispossessed about three-quarters of the indigenous Arabs of Palestine of their land and their rights, didn’t happen by accident. It was pre-planned.

At this point, Mr. Cameron, I’ll recommend two books which you and your shadow foreign secretary would be well advised to read if you want to be informed enough to play a part if stopping the countdown to Armageddon. Continue reading >>

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